The last Saturday of June was filled with numerous attractions that required Solomon’s wisdom to find time for. Among them, one was obligatory – that is, Explosion of Colours and Flavours.

Text: Radek Struzik, Photos: Radek Struzik

Treat for Taste Buds

The participants were first treated to the flavours provided by Wyspa Sielec, Inferno Club, Makaroneria and Zapiekarnik – the venues for gastronomic indulgence in Sosnowiec. The musical background was provided by Wiktoria Kubicka and I To Się Ceni, a vocal band operating at Municipal Jan Kiepura Club. Later, though, everything was subordinated to colours.

Feast of Holi

Recently, our country has seen plenty of events inspired by the Indian Feast of Holi. Just a week ago there was an opportunity to take part in Festival of Colours in Katowice, and now the inhabitants of Zagłębie ogranised similar entertainment as well.

What is the Feast of Holi? Northern Indians have had the ancient custom of gathering on the eve of the feast of fire to burn fires in masses, and then, on the second day of the Feast, to fight colourful battles in the streets of their cities. All of this is done to welcome the warmer part of the year with revelry, to celebrate the victory of life over death and in general praise joy, love and hope.

Explosion of Colours – Holi in Sosnowiec

Explosion of Colours - Holi in Sosnowiec

Explosion of Colours – Holi in Sosnowiec

A sceptic would ask what southern Polish mentality has in common with a northern Indian custom. I could answer in all conscience that I have no idea at all. It is certain, though, that by some strange coincidence both things work very well together.

Despite the unstable weather and strong competition of sports events, kids and youth had some grown-up fun, while the unexpectedly numerous group of adults clearly remembered their childhood days. In other words, during Explosion of Colours in Sosnowiec all you got was the beautiful, the young and the cheerful, regardless of age; people who are colourful both on the outside and on the inside. And it was all accompanied by different kinds of music: beginning with rap show of Setka Sekta, through punk band Pogoria and ending with pure rock performance by Animators.