If it’s December, it’s the holidays. If it’s the holidays, there must be some presents. On 19 December Frontside and Decapitated came to Mega Club in Katowice.

Text: Radek Struzik, Photos: Radek Struzik

They brought some presents and put them under the musical Christmas tree… and then they watered everything with flammable urine and fired it up. Totem and Materia were those who helped the fire burn. It was very hot, very loud and very funny… just like a fair gig should look like.

As a lover of sounds made of concrete, I flew with my tongue out and spit on my face to Mega Club in Katowice to listen to Frontside live.  Well, a devoted but very modest fan won’t miss any opportunity to listen to some familiar sounds flowing from the hardest rocking place in the neighbourhood. If you add opportunity to shoot some pictures from the stage, you should consider my happiness as something between euphoria and ecstasy.

Frontside and Decapitated on KnockOut Tour 2015

The concert in Katowice was part of KnockOut Tour 2015 and it was the next-to-last on the tour, but it was hard to find any signs of fatigue on the musicians’ faces. Each of them gave his best. Materia sparked things up, Wera with Totem worked up the fire supported by Auman, who came back a little while later with Frontside supported by Astek. All that happened before the final performance of Decapitated. Despite how confusing it sounds it means that all these bands know themselves very well and they know how to put on a great show. And that’s how it was this time. Ritual based on music jiggled by electricity was performed and the next day whole this caravan hit the road to finish the tour in Cracow with a bang.

Photo story

I have to admit that taking photos of music sounds like painting fragrances. However, that kind of difficulties as well as a chance of going deaf and getting trampled by an excited crowd, can’t be an excuse for a very brave reporter of all things bright and beautiful, so despite all the troubles, I managed to reach the stage and took some shots of Frontside and Decapitated, which we’re proud to present in the gallery below.