A street happening was the opening event of the 120th anniversary of the Theatre of Zagłębie. The actors walked down the streets of Sosnowiec dressed in costumes of the characters that they play.

Tekst: Paweł Matyjaszczyk, Zdjęcia: Paweł Matyjaszczyk

We could see Alojzy Korzeniec, Napoleon, a polar bear, a dragon, Edward Gierek, Josef Švejk, and even two huge camels. The colourful procession attracted the youngest inhabitants of the city the most, but the older ones were interested as well. During the performance, the actors gave away colourful balloons and invited the audience at every age to visit the theatre.

Upcoming cycle of happenings

Events preceding the anniversary will be organized every month until February, when the premiere of Aleksander Fredro’s ‘Zemsta’ (Revenge), the all-time most popular Polish theatre comedy, will take place, directed by Adam Nalepa. This choice is by no means accidental, since ‘Zemsta’ was the first play to have ever been shown at the Theatre of Zagłębie, on 6 February 1897. It is worth mentioning that the Theatre of Zagłębie is older than the city itself: Sosnowiec was not given the urban charter until five years later.