The 14th edition of Celtic Music Festival in Będzin is already over. The musicians did their best and the audience had a great time.

Text: Katarzyna Litwinowicz, Photos: Basia Sielańczyk

The 14th edition of Celtic Music Festival in Będzin took place on 19-21 August 2016. It was organised by the City Hall of Będzin, Culture Centre in Będzin and Beltaine (music band). In the courtyard of Culture Centre in Będzin we could watch Fairy Tale Galleons, or listen to a lecture about the origins of Christianity in Scotland.

Dancing workshops

Apart from listening to Celtic music, there was also an opportunity to take part in Breton, Irish, Scottish and Balfolk dancing workshops. The dances at the festival included Gavotte, Plinn, Scottish, An-Dro and Circassian Circle. Celtic dancing helps improve movement coordination, as well as brings enjoyment of music and of being with other humans. Stamps and jumps in Breton dances are probably related to the tradition of treading ground in the place where a house was to be built.

Flute and guitar

The first day of the festival began in the courtyard of Culture Centre with a music performance by Duo Grygiel/Biela. The fans probably know them from the band Danar. Ewelina Grygier is a flutist, as well as a member of the band called The Tone Nation, which combined folk, acoustic music and jazz. Tomasz Biela is a guitarist and has performed at numerous Celtic music festivals in Poland and abroad: in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands…

Fest Noz

The performance of Grygier/Biela duo was followed by Cyfro Fest Noz. The event was led by Tomek „Bretomek” Kowalczyk, and we could listen and dance to bands such as Little Big Noz.


The original Cyber Fest Noz is transmitted live online. Fest Noz means “feast of the night”. It is a traditional dancing party held in Brittany, frequently at schools, culture centres and other buildings (in case of rain). Anyone can take part in Fest Noz, during which the attendees dressed in casual clothes dance to live music.

Both traditional music compositions, as well as more modern genres, such as rock, punk or jazz are played. In 2012, Fest Noz was added to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Culture Centre in Będzin hosted an exhibition of watercolour paintings. The authors were inspired by the landscapes of Scotland, Ireland and Brittany. The visitors could vote for three best works by completing a short survey. It was also possible to buy records and festival t-shirts. On Saturday, there was a craft fair near the castle.

Podzamcze and international repertoire

The weekend concerts took place near the castle. This year;s edition of the festival was co-organised again by the band Beltaine, which had been formed 14 years ago in Katowice. Beltaine is inspired by Irish and Breton music, blurring the bounderies between them and composing their own pieces. They played concerts throughout Europe, as well as in Asia and America. In 2011, the band received the Irish Music Award.

Apart from Polish bands, such as: Grand Trio, Galway, Rhiannon, Eriu, Sąsiedzi, Galway, Beltaine, Trabraruna, The Tone  Nation, Balzinga, Częstochowa Pipes & Drums, the lineup also included Dálach from Czech Republic and Beat Bouet Trio from France.

The evenings were particularly lively. If you can dance, you did dance. If you can’t dance, you did dance, too.

The moments spent at this year’s festival are unforgettable. Great music and dancing, atmosphere of community and contact with other enthusiasts of Celtic music made this weekend outstanding. Have a look at the Celtic Music Festival „Zamek” in Będzin!

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